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Every day has certain needs. In those early days the Cause needed Martyrs, and people who would stand all sorts of torture and persecution in expressing their faith and spreading the message sent by God. Those days are, however, gone. The Cause at present does not need martyrs who would die for the faith, but servants who desire to teach and establish the Cause throughout the world. To live to teach in the present day is like being martyred in those early days. It is the spirit that moves us that counts, not the act through which that spirit expresses itself; and that spirit is to serve the Cause of God with our heart and soul.

From a letter dated 3 August 1932 written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual believer, quoted in Bahá’í News, 68, (Nov 1932), p. 3


Thou beholdest how the tempestuous winds of tests have caused the steadfast in faith to tremble, and how the breath of trials hath stirred up those whose hearts had been firmly established, except such as have partaken of the Wine that is life indeed from the hands of the Manifestation of Thy name, the Most Merciful. These are the ones whom no word except Thy most exalted word can move, whom nothing whatever save the sweet smelling fragrance of the robe of Thy remembrance can enrapture, O Thou Who art the Possessor of all names and the Maker of earth and heaven!


His Holiness Bahá’u’lláh

Prayers and Meditations by  Bahá’u’lláh, pp: 15-16



Glory be to Thee, O my God! I beg of Thee by Thy name, the Most Merciful, to protect Thy servants and Thy handmaidens when the tempests of trials pass over them, and Thy manifold tests assail them. Enable them, then, O my God, so to seek refuge within the stronghold of Thy love and of Thy Revelation, that neither Thine adversaries nor the wicked doers among Thy servants, who have broken Thy Covenant and Thy Testament, and turned away most disdainfully from the Day-Spring of Thine Essence and the Revealer of Thy glory, may prevail against them.


They themselves, O my Lord, have waited at the door of Thy grace. Do Thou open it to their faces with the keys of Thy bountiful favors. Potent art Thou to do what Thou willest, and to ordain what Thou pleasest. These are the ones, O my Lord, who have set their faces towards Thee, and turned unto Thy habitation. Do with them, therefore, as becometh Thy mercy, which hath surpassed the worlds.

His Holiness Bahá’u’lláh

Prayers and Meditations by  Bahá’u’lláh, pp: 231-232


The more difficulties one sees in the world the more perfect one

becomes. The more you plough and dig the ground the more fertile it

becomes. The more you cut the branches of a tree the higher and stronger

it grows. The more you put the gold in the fire, the purer it

becomes. The more you sharpen the steel by grinding the better it cuts.

Therefore, the more sorrows one sees the more perfect one becomes. That is

why, in all times, the Prophets of God have had tribulations and

difficulties to withstand. The more often the captain of a ship is in the

tempest and difficult sailing the more greater his knowledge becomes.

Therefore I am happy that you have had great tribulations and difficulties

. . . Strange it is that I love you and still I am happy that you

have sorrows.


Star of the West, vol. XIV, no. 2, p. 41


Clearly, the difficult periods in our lives are not without purpose. Among other things, they offer us a prime opportunity to express our love for Bahá’u’lláh in a meaningful way. It is relatively easy to be a believer when one is not challenged, when one is happy. However, in times of adversity, we must draw upon our inner, spiritual resources.



The Writings provide some guidance as to how we might nurture our spirits during such times:



Remember My days during thy days, and My distress

and banishment in this remote prison. . .




In times of disappointment, stress and anxiety, which we must inevitably encounter, we should remember the sufferings of our departed Master.


From a letter written by Shoghi Effendi to an individual believer, 9 July 1926…

With loving Bahá’í greetings sent to an individual believer

For Department of the Secretariat of the Universal House of Justice:

Psychology and Knowledge of Self

From the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh