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O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! I recognize in Thee none other except the ‘Great Announcement’ — the Announcement voiced by the Concourse on high. By this name, I bear witness, they that circle the Throne of Glory have ever known Thee.


O concourse of the believers! Do ye harbour any doubt as to that whereunto the Remembrance of God doth summon you? By the righteousness of the One true God, He is none other than the sovereign Truth Who hath been made manifest through the power of Truth. Are ye in doubt concerning the Bab? Verily He is the One Who holdeth, by Our leave, the kingdoms of earth and heaven in His grasp, and the Lord is in truth fully aware of what ye are doing…


Indeed I am but a man like unto you. However, God bestoweth upon Me whatever favours He willeth as He pleaseth, and that which your Lord hath decreed in the Mother Book is unbounded.

―His Holiness The Báb

Selections from the Writings of the Báb, pp: 72-73



Verily, on the First Day We flung open the gates of Paradise unto all the peoples of the world, and exclaimed: ‘O all ye created things! Strive to gain admittance into Paradise, since ye have, during all your lives, held fast unto virtuous deeds in order to attain unto it.’ Surely all men yearn to enter therein, but alas, they are unable to do so by reason of that which their hands have wrought. Shouldst thou, however, gain a true understanding of God in thine heart of hearts, ere He hath manifested Himself, thou wouldst be able to recognize Him, visible and resplendent, when He unveileth Himself before the eyes of all men.

―His Holiness The Báb

Selections from the Writings of the Báb, p. 72